MTB Race Analysis?

@Jonathan Will you be taking a GoPro or two on your bike when doing your XC racing? I would LOVE to see a race analysis of your XC races. Especially given your long-term goal of Nationals.

@Nate_Pearson same to you when you do some XC. Especially given the vast improvements you made last year.

Give us dirt lovers something! :slight_smile:

Good luck this weekend.


Agreed! More dirt!


Most times I swing a leg over a bike I have some sort of other responsibility than just focusing on the task at hand. These are important races for me and I’d really like to reduce the distractions, so if I can find an easy set up that delivers good quality, that’ll be great!

I don’t want to wear a camera on my helmet as I feel the additional weight is too distracting when XC racing (I know others do it, but I just personally don’t want to). I also don’t want to wear a chest mount when racing. I’ll be using a bar mount to see how it looks with the Hypersmooth of the Hero 7 Black. I’m not expecting the footage to be very good, but it’s worth a shot!

IMO, I think we could learn more from laps in a bike park or other technical sections of terrain with options. I’m planning on getting footage from EWS Northstar this year for that purpose. It’ll be great!

An XC race is pretty limited in terms of line choice, so there’s really not a whole lot to be gleaned. That said, it could still be something to watch in the background. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I simply thought of a go-pro on the front of the bike and leave it at that. We all remember specific areas of a race where something happened. A couple of those found well after the race would be cool. Just press -start- before the race begins (sometime, since you have your pre-race routine pretty locked in) and press -end- afterwards.

Just trying for us is cool. Thank you!


That’s all I watch on the trainer is XCO races and videos. Pretty quick and easy to put on a front and rear facing camera, I have done it for every race I’ve ever done! I enjoy watching mine and others races and either get something out of it or just for entertainment.

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If you’re planning on riding Leadville, and have 10 hours to kill, here’s a video of the entire course:

Not a lot of excitement. But gives a picture of what the race is like.


@Jonathan I just started using a GoPro 7 Black on my handlebars and the footage comes out pretty well.


Bump from the dead but I want this as well