Post heart attack Training plan

So at the end of May I head a heart attack and have been giving the green light to get back to training. Before the heart attack I was racing at masters level for 45 year old. Can anyone suggest how to build a plan with trainerroad?

Work with your doctor/specialist.

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You should ask your heart doctor several questions and see what fits those recommendations. Ask about:

How many hours per week can I train?
How intense can I train?
Is there a heart rate that I should not exceed?
What should I not do?
Are there any things I need to do to allow me to train?
How will I know if I am over doing it?

Also, sleep, rest and getting rid of stress (physical and mental) are always important, but probably more important for your situation. If you aren’t doing well in those areas, I would not be stressing my body with training.

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AFTER consulting with your doctor, you can either use Plan Builder to customize a plan based on a real or fictitious event in the future (i.e. gran fondo, rolling road race, etc) and how many hours you can train, or just start with SweetSpot Base. In general, though, Plan Builder will start with SweetSpot Base, then move you to a Build plan for your event, and finally a Specialty phase. In your case, I recommend checking with your doctor and beginning with SweetSpot Base Low Volume to see how your body responds. You can screen capture / print the plan to show your doctor what you’re considering and talk objectively about it, limitations, warning signs, etc. Good luck!!