Popular MTB YouTubers (BKXC & SingleTrack Sampler) do the Ramp test

These guys typically only ride single track outdoors (travel the US/World) and don’t follow any training plans, race or do indoor training. However, with a little extra time on their hands they gave the TrainerRoad Ramp Test a go… and did so without fans or music :flushed::grimacing::tired_face:.


This is gold

It looks like they’re doing the ramp test on some sort of a road bike. Also - did someone tell them that they’re supposed to be in the saddle for the ramp test to avoid artificially high FTP numbers?

They’re just doing it for fun and don’t intend to do any structured training based on their FTP numbers. Plenty of people commented on their video and stated all the obvious things like no standing, music, fans and w/kg between the two riders. I think BKXC and STS put little thought in getting an accurate FTP but rather more for entertainment.


I enjoyed the video. They seemed to enjoy themselves in a perverse sort of way.

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Ah. I should get a mountain bike soon then

When he’s like well I have a road bike tho :bulb: … I’m like why couldn’t you just use that to begin with :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Because MTB’s are cooler :grin: and they have MTB YouTube channels…