Ramp test repeat: Road to TT bike - how far apart? Is 8hrs enough?

I want to compare my FTP for both my Road and my TT bike/position. So far I have done ramp tests on my road bike. I kept the same FTP when I swapped to my TT bike on the turbo trainer on 1st Jan. Subsequent workouts been hard but survivable and I have focussed on holding TT position as much as possible. My training is for Time trials.

I was considering doing two ramp tests in a day - one in the morning and one in the evening on different bikes, to test the difference. Are these far enough apart to be representative?

I shoudl add I am just coming to the end of Base 2 mid volume and about to start the 8wk sustained power build.


@Bryce told me in another topic (emphasis mine):

As for your question about Ramp Testing, we totally recommend Ramp Testing on both bikes. Your FTP on your road bike is likely significantly higher than your FTP on your Triathlon Bike, and the only way to find out is with a test :slight_smile: The stress of a Ramp Test is fairly low, so just be sure to give yourself a few days in between tests.

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@rjessop Thanks, that helps on two counts. Actually the topic you quoted from was amost as useful as I am tring to fit hanging onto the club fast-ish group ride into my training schedule and TSS.

The problem I have is doing two ramp tests apart is making sure that I am rested for both enough, so they are comparable, and that means having a quieter day the day before. Or something equivalent. without mucking up the week’s efforts overall.

I think I might do the two tests the same day, just to see what happens. They are not that bad with some recovery.


I’ve done them on consecutive days and it went pretty well. The time trial position is more important for me so I did that first.

Thanks @Joe. Likewise. That is helpful