Polarized Training -Anyone?

Hello there,

Just finished SSTMV2 and would like to check if anyone is following 8 weeks build block?

Will you recommend to go for it? Never done it before.

Do whatever plan you want to. Nobody here knows your goals or event targets (since you didn’t tell us). If you don’t have anything planned give it a shot and see how it goes.

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I started the polarised plan LV as a inbetweener before my mtb marathon plan.
I found it boring, so ended up adding in vo2 max and SS workouts. Totally defeating the objective of polarised. :rofl:
Give it a try, and if u decide it is not for you, go back to what works ,and what you enjoy . So you could do the Build plan, next, then do a speciality plan if you have a race you are training for.
For me, the polarised would be good after time off the bike( holiday, sickness ,injury etc) to get my body used to training again.