What are peoples experience of the Polarised training plans?

Hello TR Crew,

I’ve been using the plan builder now for around probably 18 months non stop, and did have it scheduled through until May.

However I have had a bit of illness over winter, and my FTP and motivation seem to have dropped a little bit, so I’m thinking to try and change things around a bit.

Proper enjoyable outdoor rides for me in the UK won’t be happening for a couple of months yet, but that will help as well, combined with more daylight and warmer temperatures.

I’ve never tried one of the Polarised training plans, so just wondered what people thought about it, whether they had success, or whether it had re-invigorated them etc.

I’m not overly thinking right now about increasing my FTP, just maintaining it would do for the moment, though I will be looking to try and bump it up coming into the summer.

Timewise for the turbo, I probably have somewhere around 5 hours to spare per week - plus I will likely commute into work once a week, which is 2.5 hours on the bike, return journey.




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