Polar H9: New HR Monitor, Old issues

Hi all,
I got a new HR monitor about three weeks ago. After years with a Wahoo, based on feedbacks on the web, I decided to go with the H9 by Polar. The first rides went smoothly, but the past 4-5 rides seem to show an old issue, that is, repeated spikes until I late in the work out (see pictures)
Keep in mind that I’ve had this monitor for three weeks and, as suggested, I have been rinsing it after every workout (something I didn’t use to do with the wahoo). Also, I always lick the contacts before wearing the belt. What am I doing wrong?!
Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 10.35.01 PM

don’t think it’s you.

file a support ticket with support@trainerroad.com or Submit a request – TrainerRoad


You have big spikes in your power too. Looks like some form of interference.

Those in the first picture are form sprints in Whorl

Ok, - was looking at it on a small phone screen, having only just woken up! :smiley:

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TBH, H9s are rubbish. I had one, replaced under warranty, replaced again, finally gave up and bought a Tickr 2.

If you look around, looks like everybody say the same about any model, including Wahoo and Garmin.

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Haha, N=1… I had Wahoo Tickr that constantly failed, and after 3 units I moved to Polar H9, and haven’t had an issue yet, works like a charm :wink:

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I made this switch from Wahoo (4 different tickrs) to Polar last week! My problem was bad measurements (constant and/or very low HR for the first 5-30 minutes of every workout).

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Same thing today… I’m wondering if it could be the fan, but today was on the lowest setting.
I guess I could try an electrode gel, but still… after only three weeks it’s a bit disappointing.

I have realised that I get power drops on my Kickr if I use AirPlay on my speaker… OR if girlfriends laptop in the other room still has Bluetooth on connected to the Kickr at the same time that I am connected to it and riding…

Suuuuper annoying…

Also realised that if I turn of my AirPods Max and Keyboard from the iMac in the same room, it sometimes resolves this issue…

I thought of it, but I use corded buds, and I can’t think of anything else that could interfere. Theoretically my wife’s laptop, but it’s not been paired and she’s quite far from where I train.
At this point I’m wondering if it’s actually me: yesterday even if it was only an endurance ride occasionally I was “grasping” for air.
However, while less evident, it looks like also last outdoors ride was not very smooth, see picture.

have you looked at the data on another platform?

Only Strava for the outdoor one: it doesn’t look as dramatic, but it does look spikier than other outdoor rides I completed in the past.

I assume you mean you are washing the band, not the monitor module? I have a polar H7 that has lasted me for years. I also just wet the electrodes with water as shown in the manual.

I do have to do a hard reset occasionally when the reading seem to get out of whack - Troubleshooting Polar H6 / H7 / H9 / H10 heart rate sensor | Polar USA

I also have an Garmin HRM Dual and it always seems to have a hard time connecting to apps on my phone. They both work, neither seem exceptional, but the HRM Dual does also provide Ant+ connectivity.

Ahah yes, just the band :slight_smile:
Pairing with the devices has not been a problem at all, but while the first readings/workouts were great/smooth, then it started with this spiky thing, which doesn’t seem very natural.
Yesterday after the workout I tried to pop out the battery: hopefully that will help but, again, it seems crazy that one has to resource to trickery after only three weeks.

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