Polar H9 Disconnects/Stops Sending HRM to Head Unit

I purchased a new Polar H9 an year and a half ago, but I’ve truly used it for one year, maybe even less than that. I use it with a Wahoo ELMNT Bolt, and I’ve never had an issue until a month ago. A month ago I suddenly couldn’t see my HRM while riding. I thought it was related to an update due on the Wahoo, but the same thing happened again about 2-3 weeks later, and now it’s happening every single ride. It starts fine, then after a while, as I’m riding, it craps out and stops sending HRM to the wahoo. The head unit of course is updated, I switched the battery, and done any possible reset, including forgetting the H9 on the Wahoo and re-establishing the connection, both with either Bluetooth or ANT+, but no solution so far. Any idea? Is it just gone and should buy a new one? Given the time I’ve had it, that would be quite disappointing…

How often do you wash the strap? Do you disconnect the H9 from the strap when you are not using it?
I have an H10 and Polar recommends disconnecting from the strap when not in use. Perhaps, if one is a salty rider it corrodes the connection???

In any case, I have had to replace the strap once. One other thing you can do is see if the TR app is recognizing the Polar. It will give battery % also. If other units can read the unit then I would replace the strap or if, you desire, get another unit. You can also reach out to Polar.

I wash it every time I use and disconnect it when not using it. The battery is brand new.
In the last weeks I’ve noticed that at times it would connect, but not broadcast the heart rate. It definitely does connect to both the Wahoo and the iPhone.
I can both replace the unit and/or the strap, but after a bit more than a year it’s highly disappointing and I doubt I’ll get another Polar if this is the quality. My previous Wahoo HR monitor last 5-6 years, both unit and strap.

Understand. I would try the strap first after contacting Polar. They might replace it.
Amazon has a pretty generous return policy (USA) as long as you don’t use the strap. You could get one. Connect it and see. Or, if you have another brand strap hanging around, see if that will work.