Polar BT HRM on PC

Just been using new Polar HRM on Android phone with Wahoo Fitness for one week.
New Kickr Core has been shipped, so I got a PC ready for it with TR installed.
Computer and TR work fine with Cadence/Speed Sensor on BT. The Polar does not
show up. Made sure Android was unpaired, and Android still finding the Polar HRM.

I am at a loss to explain this.
The speed sensor did NOT need to be unpaired from the Android.

I am wondering if others have this problem?

Wondering if I should get an ANT+ HRM instead?


I have a similar problem with a Lezyne BT HRM. It connects usually, but has random drop and disconnect issues after that during rides. I am thinking of trying ANT+ or an ANT+ and BT because my GPS head unit is BT only.

I have Polar H10 and it works flawless with Windows 10. TR on a PC requires the BLED112 dongle to enable bluetooth. A couple of things to consider as there are some settings in the Polar Beat app: -> Settings -> HRM sensor

  1. “Visibility” should be on (to see the device, can be switched off after pairing)
  2. “2 receiving BLE devices” (allows parallel connection to two receivers)

I am using Firmware 2.1.9.

A short tip: remove the device from the belt when not in use as this significantly increases the lifetime of battery. Otherwise battery life can become somewhat disappointing.

The H10 is the first HRM monitor for me that works flawless (without showing spikes of HR in the beginning of training).

One other point: if the battery is low the device is not found. If the battery is just a the edge it might behave different for your Android phone than the PC.

Mine is an H7. Installed Polar Beat. Did not see any settings there, nor in Applications Manager.

Get a fresh CR2025 battery before you try anything else.

I’ve got a Polar H10 and can get to the following settings form in Polar Beats when it’s connected to my phone:

Brand new unit, work great with Android :frowning:

I had these kind of observations when the battery was at the end of their life - just for info.