Polar H10 pairing issue

Hey dudes. Can’t get my polar H10 to the app. Other devices pair fine. The HR is not connected to any other device. Battery is fine as I can pair to other devices. Anyone got any suggestions. And does anyone know if the polar verity sense is compatible with TR. Cheers :call_me_hand:

I had similar problem and found that the Bluetooth for the app was not enabled. Once enabled it paired straight away. Maybe worth a try.

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Cheers bud. Vanesa on the help desk suggested taking battery out pressing down on the studs in the strap for 10 seconds and then putting back in the battery and it worked a treat and paired.

Excellent , thats great to know.

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Does the polar work with garmin headunits Like the 830?

Yes. If you want to utilize dual Bluetooth in the HR10 you have to enable it. At least on mine, it was off as default.

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Yep - I have the Polar H10 working with my ancient Garmin Edge 810 no problems!

Thanks for all the answers!