TR app and Polar Vantage, can't use both at same time?

Hello, I use my phone and app to train with virtual power. I also have a Polar Vantage M watch.
For some reason when I do my TR workouts, I cannot get cadence to show on my watch.
If I wear my Wahoo chest strap my HR will show on both my phone as well as my watch (however, this is spotty and sometime neither my phone or watch will pick up the Wahoo chest strap HR signal).

Related but a bit different I think is that if I don’t wear the Wahoo chest strap but do wear my watch, HR from the watch will not show on my phone/TR app (I think this may have to do with ant+).

I was thinking there just may be too many signals flying around confusing the devices, however, I also think they should all be able to play nicely together. Any tips or tricks to get them all working together would be greatly appreciated.
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I use Polar Flow, and keep sensors dedicated to specific devices. Power and a 4iiii chest strap for TR to an android tablet, H10 chest strap and Wahoo speed sensor to my Polar M460. That way I see both HR in both apps, and can pause both devices automatically if needbe, for a power calibration or whatever.

What I just learned this morning is that the wahoo speed cadence sensor is ONLY allowed to be paired with 1 device (i.e. my phone/TR app; read this in the troubleshooting section of the app after the TR app not working with both HR and my speed cadence sensor the past 2 days). I am not sure how things worked previously as I always had the speed cadence sensor paired with both my phone and my watch, however, I have never been able to get readings (HR and cadence) to both devices (phone and watch) at the same time.
I started wearing my watch recently for TR workouts as I wanted to log my indoor cycling workouts with Polar as well to try using their metrics. So I wonder if the speed cadence and HR paired first with my watch making them not be able to be paired with my phone?
So, this morning, as soon as I deleted/unpaired the speed cadence sensor from my watch, suddenly the TR app on my phone picked up both cadence, virtual power, and HR from my chest strap.
Not sure if this is a bug and can be fixed but at least I got TR working again as I was getting worried.

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I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team at They’re experts on this type of thing and should be able to sort out what is happening with your setup :+1:.

I use a Polar Vantage M and TrainerRoad on an old android phone that I don’t use for anything else anymore.

-Phone has a micro USB adapter and an ANT stick.
-Polar H10 sends Bluetooth heart rate to Vantage M and ANT+ heart rate to TrainerRoad.
-PowerTap G3 hub sends Bluetooth power, cadence etc to Vantage M and sends ANT+ power, cadence etc to TrainerRoad.