Podcast ex pro cyclist now mitochondria researcher

Deep dive if you don’t like chads deep dives steer clear, however if you like me love them you’ll enjoy. The geek on cycling and mitochondrial adaptation.

Ps Chad , Nate, Jonathan please get one or both of these guys on the podcast


Is there info on his cycling history?

Not much I could find http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/colleges/medicine/sportsmed/cusm_physicians/Pages/sanmillan.aspx

Iñigo San Millán is highly respected and has been on the Fast Talk podcast a few times - he’s a Boulder based researcher and exercise physiologist at Colorado University. His experience with pro cycling is quite impressive.

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Ya I can’t find any data on his personal racing career. As a physiologist He has been employed/ consulted with saunier duval, ONCE, Astana& Garmin.

All the clean teams. :thinking: :rofl:


I can’t think of a team that was clean back then? If they were all on the sauce it’s still a level playing field. Reading mitochondrial research is something I spend a lot of time doing ( i practice anesthesia, our literature is really boring ) he ties together lots of abstract and esoteric ideas into application.


He has a couple well written blog posts at TP.

That’s a super interesting podcast. Both in terms discussing pathology and performance. Lots of stuff to think about & lots of stuff to follow up on.

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My two favorite Iñigo San Millán blog posts:

and two more:


I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how to find Seiler’s zone1/2 threshold. :wink:


Enough to put you to sleep, no doubt…

…I’ll see myself out…



Lol so true

Amazing podcast.

Fatmax wattage is the new FTP.

It’s such an important metric and is not getting the attention it should. I’m hoping the TR team will start paying attention to it. Especially for long endurance events.

That’s the takeaway I had too. This research goes a long way to explaining the effectiveness of proper polarized training. Maximum mitochondria development at fatmax wattage.

Don’t let anyone fool you - “fatmax” is just another measure of “threshold”. The only difference is that it is even more dependent on diet (and thus even less reliable) than blood lactate concentration.

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Peter Attia’s podcast is really good. Lots of topics of interest to many on this forum. Especially those who like to nerd out on the science of good health, nutrition and longevity.

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Listened to a lot of this podcast and didn’t hear it, but I was doing a workout. My understanding is that nobody knows how to best develop mitochondria. Unless I’ve missed several studies, going to stick with what’s worked for me and that is “go long” (2+ hours) at least twice a week.

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I was just going to post this link. I found it very interesting and listened to it twice so far and will listen again to see if I can pull some more from it.