Implantable CPAP device?!

@Nate_Pearson or anyone else, have you seen this?!

Yes, I’ve seen this and thought about it but haven’t pulled the trigger :smiley:.

A bionic throat??! Slippery slope there. Next is bionic lungs. Then bionic legs. Then we’ll have teams of robots in the tour de france going up the alps at 40mph at 3000 watts :grimacing:

Edit: Stupid robots will probably have no show socks on too and sleeveless jerseys :rage:


Yes. I have sleap apnea so a friend of mine whose firm is the lead investor in the company told me about this earlier in the year [note: USVP is probably #1 in the country in medical device investing]. The quality of the company and device is very high. However, the price of the implant is also high (~$40k at the time I investigated). It was also not covered by insurance. In contrast, a CPAP machine is a few $K and is covered by insurance. So I think it is a great idea, but one worth investigating further once insurance covers it (btw: BCBS of New Jersey was one the first to do so).

Hey Nate, I’m an RPSGT (Sleep Tech). I’ve heard you talk about your struggles with CPAP on the podcast. We do the activation for this at my clinic but it requires a very specific form of obstructive sleep apnea. You should talk to your provider to see if you meet the criteria.

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