Withings Sleep tracker

Anybody use the Withings Sleep sensor device to track sleep? It’s on sale so thinking of getting one.

I have the scale and like using it. Not sure I want to have another device that may not get used in the future. :grimacing:


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Had it year ago, along with Whoop. Withings Sleep consistently reported less time in REM & SWS phase than Whoop. But regardless of actual numbers, both are great tools to learn how you respond to different things related to sleep (drinking, reading before sleep, consistent time going to bed etc).

Anyway, after adjusting my habits (~4 months) to improve overall sleep quality, got rid both of them – monitoring fact itself and obsessing over numbers started getting to nerves. Still, definitely helped me.

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From the pic it looks like it isn’t wireless? I roll around a lot and will likely get tangled in anything with a cable :frowning:

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It goes under cover mattress, sensitive enough still to register heartbeats and breathing. Syncs measurements over wifi.

Aha! That sounds more like it!

I see it does HR as well. How well does that work? Very interested in knowing resting HR without having to wear a watch of some kind.

There’s a power cable but shouldn’t interfere since the device is under the mattress (as noted by svens). My concern was getting out of bed and tripping on the cord. Not a problem for me either since the cord can be tucked down on the bed frame.

@svens, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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Withings device HR was consistent with Whoop’s readings, IIRC.

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used for 4 years works great

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