Poc Procen - could you wear this?

The helmet looks like a crit only helmet

Why? Its said its designed for a “demanding time trial position”, if I had the spare pounds/bucks I would certainly try it out on a TT.

It’s for road racing was my understanding

They wore it at tour down under in the road race

I know folk do wear visors in road races but for me they don’t look right and I would keep that for TT’s. As TT helmets goes it doesn’t look bad but for purely on road bikes its not for me :-/

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I used to have a Giro Vanquish as my cold weather road helmet, but I also never used the visor. I don’t ride TTs.

I actually quite fancy trying this

That said, I’d want a photochromic visor as you’re sort of all or nothing aren’t you

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I agree with you. But I end up with no glasses in all hot races since my glasses get covered in sweat

Yes and if you watch much pro cycling you will see that a lot of the EF riders end up suspiciously visorless during racing.

Oh look, no visor.

Oh, where has the visor gone?

Where is the visor?

About the only person who managed to keep it on was Alberto Bettiol.


I would wear the visor is a crit.

I think we are talking about two different helmets here…the Procen in the OP (which seems to be a TT lid) and the Procen Air (which seems to be the aero road version.

the tail design is very different between the two.

Procen Air w/ truncated tail

Procen w/ elongated tail (and possibly deeper visor?)

ETA - confirmed it. Procen Air is a different helmet.


Yeah the procens been about for a while we just all assumed OP meant the Procen air and got on with the thread pal.

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Not certain what is up with the “pal” comment…Sorry my clarification offended you, I guess?


ETA is 5/12

Might pull the trigger. Crit season is coming.

All sizes in black are available now…just Small for the white.

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Man, so tempting. I hate black on the head, always feels hot. But its truly not

Kristen Faulkner is my pro cycling crush and even she cannot pull off this atrocity.

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I have never felt that a black helmet was any hotter than a lighter color…but it is also admittedly a perception issue.

Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I had a white, or even a light colored, helmet.

I have a black and white helmet in the sun right now.

Testing this idea

Thanks for confirming I wasn’t crazy (I may be mad but I’m not crazy :wink: ) I was certain the first posted lid was a TT lid and the POC site seemed to confirm it, the preying mantis heat diagram etc :joy:


I don’t find anything in a POC line worth spending my money on. They all look awful.

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