Helmets Are Amazing

I didn’t realize how much power you’re able to maintain with a decent ventilated helmet! Usually I’d be sweating, huffing & puffing during the ride then have a killer headache afterwards, but today I got to use a new helmet and that was a life changing experience.


Yeah, I noticed that when I got my first POC helmet: it was almost as if it wasn’t there. Plus, it is really light. Helmets have truly come a long way!

I got a POC last fall and it’s almost too vented. I get ice cream headaches on cold days! I’ve tried beanies underneath but if they’re sweaty from the climb, I still get too cold. I’m contemplating buying a less ventilated helmet just for the winter.


Which POC? Am in need of a new helmet and more ventilation would be great!

I don’t know which one the other poster was referring to, but I use a POC Octal and I can’t imagine there is a helmet with more ventilation.

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I have an Octal and Kortal.

I had to check the website and noticed they have a Ventral Tempus with the front vents blocked for winter riding :thinking:


I’m using the Specialized Prevail III and it just looks more ventilated than the POC.

I have an Octal (with MIPS) and a Tectal (without MIPS). Both fit my head perfectly, and are super well ventilated. The Octal is so light that I sometimes don’t know whether I wear it or not. That is exacerbated by the fact that the fit is so good, it’ll stay on my head with the strap unfastened (not recommended).

The Tectal is a mountain bike helmet and has more coverage. So it is a tad warmer, but it still has better ventilation than every other helmet I have used, except for the Octal.

POC now makes a model that is more aero, the Ventral. I haven’t tried one on yet, but when I need to replace my Octal, I will definitely consider the Ventral in addition to the Octal.

With aerodynamics, you can’t go off of looks, unfortunately. I’m not saying the Prevail is bad, but I have owned helmets that looked similarly airy, but clearly weren’t. The other bit is aerodynamics. (I was loaned an early aero helmet for a race and OMFG was that thing hot.) Usually you have to trade aero benefits for less ventilation. In many climates you only need enough ventilation — and it might even be too much.

When temperatures dip below about 10 degrees, I wear a wind proof skull cap, and that works well.