Please add distance fields to race activity planner

Can you please implement a distance field to the race activity planner in the calendar?
It is currently only asking half the equation, especially with AT. With AT you should be able to say “I have a race in x months time and I am aiming to complete it in x timeframe” surely this would give a better AT output (even if it said “you’re dreaming mate”)
Secondly, having the ability to adjust the distances in the triathlon input for races that are irregular and are in between say a Sprint and Olympic distance race. This season I am looking at 7 races at 3 different distances (for a single race series), then some more traditional long course events.
Off topic - REEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY hanging out for auto upload and matching of runs and swims to programmed ones still, hell, just auto upload would be nice.

What you’re describing is in place when you use Plan Builder or enter a race or event with the target time for the event. You’re entering the timeframe by estimated hours and minutes for the event, and the ‘race in ‘x’ months’ by selecting the date for your event that AT moves you towards.

I believe the reason Plan Builder doesn’t take distance into consideration for an event is because of the lack of 1:1 applicable relationship between distance relating to your exertion. Meaning, you could enter that the road portion of your event is 60 miles, but depending upon the terrain, your estimated pace, and how much climbing and elevation gain/loss there is, that could be 3 hours or could be 5.5. Adaptive Training and Plan Builder want to take that into consideration when making sure you’re fully prepared for the effort out there, and unfortunately, distance doesn’t give us enough information. Estimated time and effort sure do though!


Sorry for the time delay, got busy with being sick and at work.

I’m going to preface this with “I’m trying to not sound like an asshat” which unfortunately usually means that I have re-read the message and sound somewhat like an asshat and don’t know how to change it :frowning:

I understand that a lot of the time it isn’t a 1:1 ratio, but with regard to tri planning, the option is there to input the distances, if from nothing else than a drop down menu, and I assume that the planner takes those in to account (unless it just looks at the time estimated), as it gives longer workouts accordingly, or at least that’s the end user perception.

Looking at pure cycling, if from nothing other than a data gathering sense, having a field in which you can put the distance makes complete sense otherwise what level is AT trying to get me to? Doing a 20k road race for the D graders (2x10k lap), or a 40k (4x10k lap on the same course) for the A graders in 55mins is not the same. Do you see what I’m getting at? Similarly in a crit, the A graders go wildly faster than the D graders, covering substantially different distances, yet both go for about 33 - 38 mins.

Enter the fondo, can be 100k or 140k. 40% more distance.

Maybe an argument to have an input for estimated elevation gain for the race also? 2k is plenty different to 4.5k vert, both can me achieved in a 100 or 140k race.

It just seems that having no data field to enter a distance and or vert is leaving me feel kind of hopeless. I’m happy to bash myself on the trainer for 4 hours, but if half the equation is missing, it just feels kind of hopeless.

I might be wrong here, but I think your original assumption is incorrect. AFAIK AT is not using any of the information regarding time and intensity you put in for your A event to do the planning. The type of event you specify is used to determine what plans you get and the experience and past training volume you put in is used to determine the base/build/specialty distribution and volume.

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This is all correct AFAIK.

Ah that makes much more sense. Which also makes it make more sense to have a distance added to get the right plan in the beginning. I think the way around it is to just shoot high and hope for the best.
I guess where I’m coming from is that with a coach you say your distance for the event, elevation if it is significant, and any time goal you might have or think you have. I’m not sure how other people see the platform, but to me it is really a plan building one, in lieu of a coach.

At a glance, the distance is around 15% higher in one, elevation is wildly different and time is double, both trained for on TR, neither of which I could guess a goal time prior to the race.