Please add Alternates to My Rides tab [Feature Request]

I’m really liking the Alternates at the bottom of each workout page. Could we also have alternates added to the My Rides tab? I often want to find a workout that is a good alternate to what is scheduled but that I also have done in the past. Occasionally repeating workouts (or similar workouts) from last season really helps with evaluating progress from year-to-year.


Along those same lines, I was thinking if you are searching for a workout to add to the calendar, it would be nice if there was an indicator to let you know that you’ve completed it before. Maybe a green check mark or a “Last Completed On” notation. The only way I know of currently is to click on a workout and scroll to the bottom and then click My Rides.

Or maybe a “Completed Previously” yes or no filter the same as filtering for specific zones or progression levels.

Hey! Just want to make sure I understand your request, a ‘filter’ of sorts for Alternates that is only serving you an Alternate of workouts you’ve already completed?

Hello Ivy.

That can work too. I was thinking more of having a checkbox called “Include My Rides from Alternates” in the My Rides tab. Both would be the bee’s knees. :grin:

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