Feature request: Show workout counts on "Past Rides" page

There are certain workouts I do over and over (Carillon is a benchmark ride for me), and I’d love a place where I can see a list of each ride and how many times I’ve done them. Sort of like Spotify’s “most played” tracks, but for workouts. I know that you can see the times you’ve done a specific workout under the “My Rides” section on that workout’s page, but a full list with each workout from most to least is what I’d like.

Not really crucial to training, just something I think would be cool to see more than anything.

On an unrelated note, I just realized I did my 300th TrainerRoad workout last night. Heck yeah for milestones! :sunglasses:


That’s awesome that you hit 300 TR workouts!!
I’m not sure where we’ll end up prioritizing this feature (you know, because it could be argued it doesn’t make you that much faster), but I’ll pass it along to our team for review. Thanks for the idea! :smile:

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You already can.

  1. Open any workout (from the TR “Workouts” library, not your completed one),
  2. Scroll to the bottom,
  3. Activate the “My Rides” tab.
    • Count is given and you can open any or all of them to see the specifics.

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Right, I mentioned that in the original post. I would just like to see a list with each workout in order most to least ridden (I’d expect to see lots of “1s” on that). But yeah, I knew that was there.


Copy that. I misunderstood what you were looking to get.

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No worries. It’s really not too big a deal anyway, especially because I can look at the numbers this way. Also I just learned I’ve done Pettit 23 times. Oof.

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