Creating a training plan for a Trip

I’m doing a couple of bike trips this year, each for a week. First to Malibu for 5 days in April with 50-90mi and 5-9k climbing each day. Then to Portugal in Sept for another7 days of riding with total distance of 750mi and 48k climbing. I’m trying to build training plans for each but TR seems like it only allows you to plan for single day events (e.g. Races). Does anyone know of a proper way to hack a cycling trip into TR so that the software will build a plan around it? Much thanks.


Did you try marking all trip days as A (or b) races?

that’s some fun trips!

What’s your goal - do you want to “just” be as fit a possible generally for the events? PR/KOM a 1h climb? etc

I added the last day of the trip be an “A” event and then tried to have the 4 preceding days of the trip as “C” events (TR won’t let you pack too many A/B events next to each other). This didn’t work as each time i tried to recalc my plan, TR would not let me include more than 2 or 3 sequential races in the calculation. I ended up just doing the first and last day of the trip, manually deleted any training between them and increased the effort to Tempo.

I’m not super happy about the work-around but will live with it if no one else has any other insights. Taking a multi-day bike trip doesn’t seem like a corner case…

@schmidt I’m just trying to be as fit as possible…especially for the bigger trip in Sept. Trying to not be the caboose. :slight_smile:

Create it as a Stage Race event (I think this is the very last option availale in the web calendar), with Gran Fondo as the discipline.


Yes! I just discovered this and redid it all as a stage race. Thanks!

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Yup sounds good! I think the most important part is that you have a plan that you like and is fun. Any of the plans will get you plenty fit for your goals, the most important part is that you have one and follow it. Enjoy the process!

I live near malibu. I’m guessing you have your routes all planned out? If not let us know and I’ll give you some local Intel