Training Plan Adjustment for Bike Packing Suggestions

I’m planning on doing a 4 day bike packing trip around Easter. What would be the best way to incorporate that into my TR plan? I don’t want TR to think I’m doing nothing because I’ll need an easy week the one after but clearly I’m also not going to be doing anything that resembles the usual interval workouts.

If you have scheduled workouts over that weekend just associate them with your ride. If there are “empty” days, i.e. no scheduled workout then you can associate one afterwards via the calendar, just find one of the long endurance workouts.

Unlikely that you’ll have a power meter on a bikepacking bike but you can use either HR or RPE to assess difficulty.

add it as an event - choose multi day fondo or similar and just give it a difficulty and time rating.

Not sure if you need to associate events with workouts for AT to ‘see’ it or if it just assumes you did the workout?

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Classify it as a C Stage Race is perhaps the best fit with the multi-day nature of the your planned trip.

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