Planned outside ride going indoors

I don’t work Fridays, so I have outside rides planned for Fridays. On my plan I have a 2 hour ride in, because this was the max I could do for me LV plan, but in reality I am likely to be out around 3 hours most week and 8 hours maybe once a month. However, the weather in the UK is absolutely terrible at the moment (at the moment being for the last 8 weeks, wettest February in history. Cardiff saw 3 times the average rainfall) so I don’t think I want to go out for the 8 hour ride I had planned. Considering doing indoor but wondering what is better - do I do the 2 hours ride planned and change it to indoor, or do I ride a 90 minute workout Friday and then a 60 minute on Saturday? Which is better?

Planned ride is 2 hour sweetspot I think, but I was going to change it to a much more variable 6 hours ride.
TP is a 4 hour LV plan, 3 workouts a week.

I doubt it’ll matter in the grand scheme of things just do what works best for your schedule.


Thanks - I think this is the reply I needed, so it’s nice to be the first one.
I’ve had a really shit week and just want to get on the bike. Overthinking things probably


If you had specific routes in mind, I’ve been working on an app called Biketerra that lets you upload routes and ride them virtually in 3D.

It might make your indoor rides more enjoyable until the weather clears up (plus we could use any and all feedback).

Hey, @Back2Basics!

That’s really cool that you don’t work Fridays and can take your workouts outside! Just out of curiosity, when you go ride outside, are you following the TR Workout or just going and riding for 2 hours +?

I ask this because I see that on March 8th you matched an outside ride file with a TR Workout, but the power readings don’t necessarily match the workouts instructions. We only recommend matching outside ride files to TR Workouts if you are following the workout’s instructions since otherwise you’re telling Adaptive Training that you’ve completed that workout when in reality you didn’t. We recommend not matching your outside rides in these cases because you risk bumping your Progression Level (in this case Threshold) to a level you are not ready for future workouts.

P.S: The reason your Friday workouts get capped at 2 hours is because these are Threshold interval workouts :hot_face:. What I would suggest moving forward, considering you have an event you are training for, is to leave Fridays open for unstructured rides if that is what you are looking for. You can go outside for 2+ hours or pick an Endurance workout from the Workout Library if the weather is awful, and then schedule the prescribed TR Workouts on days you know you’ll be following the TR plan.

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P!ssed it down since August innit!

Just about hanging in there, while begging the cycling gods to purlease bring us a lockdown-stylee April/May/June :sun_with_face::pray::crossed_fingers:

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I know, it’s been awful.

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I’ll take a look. I’m happy to give it a try. TBH if I wanted to do that I would just use my Garmin hooked up to the trainer. I did this to practice a course for a triathlon last year. I had done the course the previous year, but couldn’t get out to it in person and it was worth it for getting a feel for some of the hills.

Hey, I’m new to TR. I had my first ‘outside training session’ last week and didn’t follow the workout at all. This week I was planning to change it to a longer alternative that had fluctuating targets - in the hope of hitting quite a few of them over the extended time.

Good to know on the not matching. I didn’t realise it would be best not to match in these cases. It didn’t change my PL last week though, so :man_shrugging:

I did initially have just 3 hours for the plan, Tue/Thu/Sat. I had planned to use my Fridays as extra rides on top of the plan. Do you recommend that this action moving forward is best? I understand it makes sense was just trying to make the most out of my day off.

Welcome to TR :smiling_face:!!

Thank you for pointing out that your PLs had not changed! I did not notice that. It looks like you ran into a known bug where the ride PLs didn’t update after the ride. The team was able to fix it, however, now that ride is counting towards your PL levels haha.

I recommend un-matching it by clicking on the ride>>Associated with Rich>>Mark as Unplanned Activity.

Yeah! Definitely recommend your original logic :slight_smile: Do your TR scheduled workouts on Tue/Thu/Sat and use Friday to fit in extra rides on top. Just be mindful that depending on what you do Friday, you may need to push Saturday’s workout to Sunday if you are feeling fatigued.

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Thanks, that all makes total sense and nice to get the PL for the ride.

I’ve altered my plan so I now have indoor sessions on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. I’m hoping this means I will be fresh for a long ride on Fridays and if that doesn’t happen I have the weekends totally free for a catch up ride.

Really looking forward to getting stuck into TR and all it has to offer. Thanks again.

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Awesome, let us know how it goes!!

We’re here to help :slight_smile: