Plan Suggestion: Build Plan vs Sweet Spot from Plan Builder

I’m going to be going on holiday with some cycling friends in Nice W/C 10th April. The way we tend to do these holidays is we ride together and have fun most days but set aside a specific climb on one of the days as a bit of a competition.

This year it will be the Madone which is 13km at an average of 6.7% which should take me I think around 65-80 mins based on past similar efforts I think.

I’ve come back to cycling after a hiatus at the beginning of the year and trained mostly using Train Now but focusing on base training so far at a low volume for the last 6 weeks at an average of 253 TSS.

Based on timings, I was now going to switch to the Low Volume Build Plan but am now hesitating with maybe Low Volume Sustained Power and I’ve put my data through Plan Builder which suggests I do another two rounds of Sweet Spot Base (Maybe because I’ve said my level regarding intervals is Intermediate which feels right as I’ve not been super consistent over the years.

What are your thoughts and what would you pick if you were in my position to try and get the best result for that climb?


Sustained Build would be good to prepare you for that climb if that’s your priority.