Plan builder - too many “difficult” days

I am experiencing another unexpected behavior from Plan Builder. Even if I put in that I have been doing the minimum number of training hours (0-3) and am a Beginner, for LV it’s giving me 3 days of Difficult, and for MV, it’s giving me 4 days of difficult (Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun all Difficult) and 1 day easy (Wednesday). I don’t remember it being that way in the past. Is that normal?

Are you using the app or website? I have also noticed the app has been acting strange with scheduling plans. It’s definitely not normal, it should be 2 hard and 1 moderate for LV, if I remember correctly.
. @IvyAudrain i probably should’ve sent my issue to support.

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Thanks! I’ll try the website. I would send my question to support, but it took a long time to get an answer on my last one, especially when it was just “this is a known issue”, so I appreciate the quick user feedback!

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Its only ever been 3 HIIT sessions for me on a LV plan. When it was 3 threshold sessions in a row I decided to start swapping the middle one fir a Train Now session. I was doing it manually on the day but I started using annotations (time off for the middle workout). I think the plan seems to adapt better with doing that.

perhaps the same bug?

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Just tried it on my MacBook and got the same result. MV is showing:
4 days of difficult (Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun)
1 day easy (Wednesday)

To add to the oddity I was just trying to recreate this and Plan Builder through the iOS app and it gave me 6 workouts for mid-volume….

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AFAIK LV has always been 3 days of intervals during the loading weeks. So then it comes down to TR’s definition of moderate and difficult.

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Thanks for trying! I appreciate your help. I was wondering if it was for everyone or if my plan was somehow just “stuck”

I think what you are getting is “normal” per the app. I just tested and got the same results via a MV plan, and using Advanced as my experience. Pretty sure the SS given for many Sat & Sun workouts counts in that category, at least in their programming.

Always best to check with support, but I think this is as planned from what I can tell.

I made some notes for myself back in April 2019. Here are the old plans for SSB LV, MV, HV with my notes, going with week3 as the example week:

LV was 3 interval days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday:

MV was 4 intervals days:

HV was 5 interval days:

When AT launched I believe they changed HV to 4 interval days and 2 aerobic/endurance days.

As I said, the Easy/Moderate/Difficult is a judgement call. For myself I simply classify workouts as either interval days, or endurance days.


It’s definitely not how it used to be. What I’m not sure of is if it’s planned or not.

  • Support is the place to go then.
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Just played around a bit more and got the “moderate” on Sunday’s when I choose expert MV with 16 weeks till first A event. I’m guessing it has to do with the amount of time spent in speciality or maybe even ssb1?

So it’s there. But who knows what it’s dependent on.


The Difficulty Levels we display vary depending on which plan & phase you’re in. When going through Plan Builder, the Plan Overview aggregates the difficulty of all phases in a plan and we show the maximum difficulty for any day across all phases.

I’d suggest that you click the “Customise Training Days for Each Block” if you want a more detailed picture of what your training will entail.

Did you add this Plan to your Calendar? If so, how many Workouts per week was scheduled on your Calendar? Can you please send me a screenshot of this displayed in Plan Builder?

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I did not add that plan to my calendar and didn’t even think of grabbing a screenshot. I went from iOS app to iPad safari and Plan Builder gave correct number of workouts and plan then.