Was there a big change to the adaptive training algorithm and/or General Build MV, no more anaerobic Saturday but 2nd threshold day?

Out of curiosity I updated the survey response for the first VOmax workout of my general build mv and then back again to the original answer and virtually everything is suggested to be changed except for Saturday’s anaerobic. Tuesday’s VO2max and Thursday’s threshold days get (much) harder and Wednesday’s enduarance and Sunday’s Sweetspot get much easier and this just after yesterday when my threshold days got toned down (thankfully) after I answered very hard (for next week McAdie +1 level 5.5 was planned which was downgraded to Mary Austin -1 level 5.2 and with today’s changes without changing the respons for threshold up to Dana level 5.6)

edit: I went back and forth in the survey response and now the suggestions make even less sense. threshold 6.0 in the 3rd week of build but it suggests ramping down again in week 5 and 6 back to level 5.9 as well as ramping anaerobic back down to initial week 1 workout of 1.7 in week 5

Changing responses seems to mess with the ML. To fix this, move/add a race in the future and PB will ask you if you want to “Update Your Plan”. Select that and it will take you through the PB process again while still utilizing and saving your progress in any current plan.

This should fix any odd adaptation’s happening. Expect a few Adaptations after your new plan populates in your calendar however they should be more in line.

Also, don’t look at workouts further than your next 1 or 2 scheduled, they will likely adjust as you complete each PL zone.

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I tried but there were no adaptations offered. I even tried remaking the entire plan from scratch and I get the same workouts as I got offered after tinkering with Tuesday’s vo2max response. Really weird how it ramps up threshold so much when I could barely handle Thursday’s threshold workout. I still know my original workouts and could select I am just puzzled by the suggestions and how tinkering with vo2max changed the suggestions for other zones, AT never did that. Before it would adapt your plan to your current levels and then only change the workout for a particular zone based on your response

I just deleted that reply because I thought I made a mistake but I haven’t. This is so weird, Saturday anaerobic workouts in general build MV have been replaced by a 2nd threshold day. Deleted and remade my entire plan just to make sure, just look at it, that’s not how a week of general build mv is supposed to look!

So I contacted support and the answer is yes and it caused a bug:

“I have taken a look at your calendar and noticed what has happened here. We recently changed something in our backend settings that caused the Anaerobic workouts to change. This only affects Planned Activities in future phases. So the workouts would eventually get adapted correctly but would look wrong up until the athlete reaches that phase. This being said, I went into your account and switched things back to how they were original.”