Plan Builder: That's an odd place for a Ramp Test?

I had a 2 hour Threshold zone workout set for Outside on my Plan Builder generated training schedule, but the weather wasn’t favorable so I toggled it back to Inside… and it switched to a Ramp Test. That seems really odd and hardly a lateral move or like for like exchange.
After a week of Threshold zone workouts, I had a feeling I knew how it would go, but I did it anyway. The heavy legs and need for more rest resulted in a 7% lower score than where I’ve been working the last month. Not surprised or mad about it.
I ignored the new number, but any thoughts on why my 2 hour Outside ride switched to a Ramp Test when I brought it Inside? (especially without a recovery week preceeding)

That’s obviously a glitch or something, it’s not a substitute for a two hour ride. I would simply ignore that ramp test and continue on as you were.

Hey @mrericmoon,

This is definitely not the intended behavior here, would you mind reporting this bug to our Support Team at We would love to take a closer look and figure out what went wrong so that we can prevent it from happening again in the future.