Plan builder or base building speciality?

I only have a couple of events planned, nothing big just a couple of sportives signed up for. One in October and the other in April! I added these to my calendar on plan builder and now have a programme to follow! My question is, would I find a bigger benefit doing the standard. Base build speciality programme first, as both my events are relatively short (60-70) miles. Or will the plan builder still give just as many gains by the time April comes? Tia

Try Plan Builder to see what it gives you. Generally it is a combination of base/build/specialty with the duration of each tailored to the dates of your events and how long you’ve done structured training (more training = more time in specialty). Then compare to the standard base/build/specialty progression.

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If you are following century plan and 28 weeks to your A event. The October event will get a the first part of a Base plan completed (Depends when your event is in October). The April event gives enough time to get the plan done.
You do not say if you are doing LV,MV or High Volume plan. Depending on which you can always search the Workout’s and add some long endurance rides if you are feeling Good, no signs of Fatigue etc.