Plan Builder no longer letting me test new plan while on current plan

So I’m currently on a Plan Builder plan. But there may be some work scheduling that will force me to change my plan. In the past, even if I was on a plan currently, I could use Plan Builder to build out a plan and view it, without having to actually start it. This allowed me to check out the new plan, compare it to my current plan, and decide if I thought it was a better fit. But now, Plan Builder only lets you have one total plan, which means I have to delete my current plan to even view a possible new one. When did this happen? And why can’t I view a new plan without deleting my old plan? Can we go back to the old way?

I’ve tried changing the date, doesn’t matter unless I put the start date after Nov 14th.

This started happening a while ago and I ran into the same problem. What I did was open up a new private window in Safari and go to the TR site not logged in. I could then play around with PB to see what would happen. I could not see individual workouts. But could see the overall plan structure.

Support said the work around was to delete current plan and then try new plan. You can always start current plan over by backdating the start. Should work as long as you did not enter in any new events I’d think.

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Lol. That’s the whole issue. Thanks for the reply though.