Plan builder overlapping plan work around?

When using plan builder it will not allow you to start a plan before a current plan ends. I understand the reasoning behind this. To be very clear, I have to intention of having two plans running concurrently. What I would like to do is look at the overall structure of some hypothetical plans based on various race dates. I don’t want to delete my current plan yet, as I would like to at least finish the current block. However, with race dates consistently changing this year, I would like to see what some other options look like. In the past I have accidentally had more than one plan on the calendar at the same time; I’m assuming this was considered a bug and was fixed.

So my question is this: Is there a way to use plan builder to see overall plan structure of other optional goal dates, with a start date that occurs before the current plan has been completed? (I hope this makes sense.)

Ultimately the remainder of the current plan will be deleted and replaced with a new plan as this ever-changing year moves forward, once new goals and goal dates are established.

Some people put all their events on the same dates in a future year and run plan builder for that year to see what happens… Easy enough to if you have only a few events.


Not a bad idea. Thanks!


We really need a way to do this. For example, I have a plan and Plan builder gave me a progression like BASE - BUILD - BASE 2 - BUILD - SPECIALTY
I would like to see what is the difference between that and:

I think TrainingRoad should either allow us to build the plan and not “accept it” with a concurrent plan, or give us multiple options when building the plan and let the user decide.

Hey @alvaroe16!

Once you have reached the final section of Plan Builder (Step 7: Plan Overview), you will see an Overview of your custom Plan before accepting it.

This step shows a breakdown of your Custom Training Plan. It shows everything from a description of why we did certain things with your plan, to the ability to look at all of the Workouts you have scheduled (pending Adaptations) through your goal event(s). Clicking “Start Training” will apply your custom plan to your Calendar.

To see how this would compare to a Plan with a different A event(s), you can go back to the Events section of Plan Builder (Step 5) and edit the dates of your Event(s).

The specific phases that are scheduled in your Training Plan are based on the time available before your A event(s) and what the science indicates is most beneficial to athletes of differing levels of experience with structured interval training. We will suggest the Plan that will be most effective at making you faster, given the information that you have given us.