You can now use Plan Builder without signing up!

We just launched a new marketing website where you can use Plan Builder without signing up and get an idea of what your training plan would be.

I wanted to mention this on the forum because if any of you knew athletes who were on the fence to try TR this is a good time to try Plan Builder on our new marketing website.

The idea was to let people create their plan, get an idea of what it is (but not see the entire plan) then sign up and have it automatically applied to your calendar.

You can check out our new website (without getting redirected to our product page) with this url:


Great marketing idea

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That is really cool and hopefully helps show more of the power in the service.

Alternatively, this might be a handy alternate way for people to do “what if?” plans for active users. The “Save your plan” option at the “Schedule” step and access later is something I had not seen before. I tested it via your link above and it works perfectly to preserve the scheduled event and plan settings. SO COOL!!!

Quick check and I see that appears to be only an option for “non-users”… which leads to an instant Feature Request… can we please have this for active users?

I know we have seen the basic request mentioned more than once in the main PB thread, and it looks like there should be an avenue for it to happen.


@bnied Check out this feature request. Just FYI.


Just 5 minutes I signed back up for TR and got an issue on the real planbuilder “There was an error building your plan: A server error occurred. Please try again” (have raised a support ticket).

Putting the exact same info into this dummy builder has generated a plan. Go figure…

Kudos on having a really nice mobile web interface on this.

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Sorry! We’ll get that fixed!

Nate it worked on my mobile, and as someone else said the interface is great.

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This is not working. I was able to enter the information, was told the plan was built, got sent a link to my email, and the link then takes me to the “build a plan” page.

I did this in a browser I am not logged in on as I want to see what builder gives me when I remove my A race that I am going to plan on being cancelled.

ETA: I tried again with an email address not associated with TR. Same error.

Please please please fix this. Please.

Hi there,

I just did a quick run through and everything appeared to be working for me.

Would you mind sending me the link that you were emailed so I can have a look? Feel free to shoot me a private message if you’re not comfortable posting it in this thread.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, nice marketing ideia but i do have a question.

Is there any way to skip the Base Phase, and start my plan just in Build and Specialty?
Should i “simulate” a back date that includes the normal 8 weeks for Base?

PS: The Saved link sent to my email to continue in other time, is broken. dont work