"Sand Box" plan builder feature?

Any chance of getting an option to build a training plan in a “Sand Box”? (I think that’s the term)
I built my training plan for the year with my (with my known) events, and all looks good.
But, say something changes between events. It would be nice to see if I made changes to the events like changing discipline, adding events, changing dates , and or changing from say an B to an A event would do to my plan without it actually touching my current plan. I have tried this in the past and my calendar got pretty messed up…hence why I’m asking


Hey! I think you’re asking for visibility for a history of the ways in which you’ve adjusted your plan?


I think the OP is asking for a way to see what changes may take place to a plan, in isolation, without having to delete it first. Or at least some ‘undo’ function


YES! I had this same thought the other day.
@IvyAudrain not so much looking at past plans, more like a option to say, “What would my plan look like if I went from mid- to high volume” or “How would my plan change if I switched it from crit to road race.” or (as OP asked) “What would happen with my plan if I switched my A and B events.” In my (albeit limited) knowledge of TR I don’t know of a way to do this without totally changing your plan and messing everything up.
Maybe a “preview” feature when making changes to a plan is another way to solve it?


I think we used to be able to go to plan builder and preview (or build) a new plan (different dates, hours, speciality etc) but now there is validation preventing you from doing this if you already have a plan in place with overlapping dates.

It would be nice to be able to preview a new plan again without having to delete the existing one first.

Yeah, the Preview is possible when adding new plans. Not sure what happens with trying to edit existing, but may be limited or impossible.

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Thanks for expanding upon that request, all. Will pass this along to the team for consideration!


MrEkul said it much better then i did! thank you


Again Stevepetts372 put it more eloquently then I! thank you


This is something I would like as well. My current workaround is to build a new plan in the future with the changes I want, and then look at what the plan recommends at the same time from event.

Not sure if that makes sense, but basically if I am three months out from my A event, I will make a new plan that starts at the end of the old plan, with my updated events distributed similarly over time (e.g. original plan started 6 months before A event, then new plan I want to test has an arbitrary A event 6 months from start date), or with the events removed, etc. Then I look at what the plan recommends 3 months out from my A event. Kind of cumbersome, but it works for now.

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