Difference between plan builder and training plans

I’m on the last week of my LV century plan, the last taper week. Plan builder has an opener and a easy threshold workout that is way below my progression level on my calendar. When looking at the Training Plans tab, though, the threshold workout in the last week is a longer, challenging, “Productive” workout in addition to the opener. Has anybody else notice this discrepancy in their final taper week?

When looking at training plans it takes your current PLs and builds out your plan, it’s not static workouts. So if you’re looking at the Specialty plan’s final taper week, it’s not recommended now, it’s recommended in 8 weeks where you would be if you started that phase today.

Thanks for the response. I am aware that is how it works. That’s not what’s happening here. If the training plans are estimating where I could be if I nail all of the workouts, then my calendar should have a workout that reflects roughly where I am. Instead, it’s about 4 PLs lower than my current PL.

Thinking about it more, I think the training plans may have changed since they were added to my calendar. It looks like they don’t taper as much as they used to. I wonder why my calendar didn’t change along with the plans??

If you use plan builder in Jan and have it run through June. And in march they update the plans, what is in your calendar will not change to reflect those new plans. I think that is what you’re asking about not happening right?

You’d need to delete your current plan and run plan builder again, but you tell it to start when you did not start today. It will rebuild what’s in your calendar with the updated plan.

If your week start is a Monday don’t run it on a Sunday. I did this and it basically made Sunday a 1 day week and threw everything off. I had to delete it again and rerun it on the first day of my week and then it was fine.

It may also adjust your phases to a different number of weeks.

If you’re on the last week of a plan then it doesn’t really make sense to rebuild it just maybe find some alternates that reflect the adjusted plans.

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Thanks for the clarification. It would be nice if calendars updated automatically with the plans. I almost always use alternates that match the recommended PL, but with a different duration because my schedule is not consistent.

If you move any A or B race (you can move back) plan Builder will ask if you want to update your plan. Do this and you will have the most current version.

It can be even easier than that:

  1. Open the leading annotation on the calendar for any phase in a training plan.

  2. Click the “Update” button at the bottom and then the plan will be updated. No need to manipulate or add events.