Should you always follow the Base>Build>speciality cadence? And then back to base again to start the cycle again

Or could you go, for example, Base>build>speciality>speciality>speciality

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Speciality should always be your last block before your A race. The idea is that you don’t really improve your fitness much more during the speciality block, you just shape it to your race specifics.

You can have multiple base and build blocks, but it is recommended not to follow a build block with another build block. You can follow base with more base.

If you use the plan builder, it will arrange it for you.

first, you forge the blade. Then you sharpen it.
No point keeping sharpening, it will only make your blade more brittle.
I’m doing specialty right now. Because it’s the first time i do the full cycle, and wanted to see how specialty feels.
Next time around, since i have no event, i’m going to do base>build>base>build>specialty (because by then I will have something planned)

As Splash mentioned, our Plan Builder will customize your plan based on your level of experience, your planned volume, and your event dates. To give Plan Builder a try, just follow the link below:

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Base > Build > Speciality > Base > Base > Base is more like it buddy.

A bigger base is always going to end up making you a better lifetime cyclist.

Essentially, you can always benefit from building up your aerobic base, it is time consuming to do so. If you need to get ready to race by doing high intensity, which may include anerobic training (depending on your speciality) you can always develop this rather quickly. And you’ll be able to do more with that big ol’ base.

But, I’m not going to argue with Bryce, use plan builder, I’m surprised how good it is. It’s so good that I imagine a lot of coaches are going to really start to hate on TR…

Thanks, I’ve used the plan builder but just wondered what’s better either or going to base or going for speciality after speciality plan.

If you look at 40k TT it’s hard to see how that can’t improve your base or FTP, looks very difficult

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So the 40k speciality is pretty FTP interval heavy. I haven’t really looked at that before.

I suppose you could give it a shot repeating specialty for this. I can imagine that you are going to be builiding up a lot of long term fatigue by doing the 40k TT plan over a second time.

If you wanted to try doing it maybe do specialty > base > specialty again? Being that it’s 2020 and racing is pretty screwed up. As long as you are keeping an eye on yourself to ensure that you aren’t burning out. I think it is a good time to experiement and see what works for you.

That said doing the 40k TT plan 3 times in a row without breaks might get pretty old pretty fast.

True that and I’ll be fried from the TT plan. With no racing or events is there any point in speciality right now if it’s for fine tuning towards events? Maybe base and build in rotation are enough, particularly if changing the build plan on each rotation