Plan builder break and return

Punched a 2 week break to go to Bali into my plan builder. After the break, my plan is:

  • No ramp test, then
  • A threshold workout 1 progression level above current
  • A VO2 1 progession level above current
  • A VO2 2 Progression levels above current
  • A threshold 2 Progression levels above current

This seems a bit ridiculous and not really satisfactory given the promises within plan builder instructions and features. Do I have build a whole new plan? Anyone else seen similar escalation of a plan’s demands after a programmed layoff?

Take your Bali break, then see what adaptations it actually recommends at the time. With adaptive training, what you see is almost not what you will actually get 2-3 months down the line.

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Why not just choose an alternate with a lower PL?

As said don’t stress. After 2 weeks (maybe more) of inactivity in Threshold/ VO2max your PL’s for them will fall and lower level workouts will adapt into your plan. In the very unlikely event that adaption doesn’t happen just select lower level workouts just use ‘Alternates’ to swam them to ‘Achievable’ or ‘Recovery’ work outs

Hey @DBill32, it looks like things are working as intended here. I see that adaptations were prompted yesterday, which brought your first workout back from your trip down to your current Progression Level (2.8). Depending on how that goes after your time off, things will even out as needed, just as @Dougal.Doughnut, @mcalista, and @HLaB mentioned above.