Plan Builder Blank Week 1

I’m trying to use the Plan Builder and have selected tomorrow (Monday 30th March) as the start date. However, when I go through the process it is giving me a completely empty week 1 and has it starting on the wrong date (23rd) and has week 2 in tomorrow.

Hmm, that’s strange. Could you reach out to our Support Team at We would be happy to take a closer look.

I contacted them this morning thanks

I had the same issue. In my case I started the plan six weeks back as I have just finished SSB I. My workaround was to set the start date one week later. Seems to work but the week numbering is wrong.
Ï have also submitted a ticket. TR agent suggested what I already did to start the plan one week later.
Looking forward to see what this can be.

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I’ve had this issue too, I suspected it may be a timezone issue or something like that, but never bothered raising a ticket. In my case, I just left the plan start where it was and manually put the missing Week 1 workouts into the calendar.

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It’s a known bug that occurs when you select a plan start ‘in the past’ compared to the day of the first workout in the plan (ramp test). My suggestion is to delete the plan and create a new one selecting the first day of the plan to be the day of the first workout (it was Tuesday in my case - the Ramp test day).