Plan builder - Adding other activities and how it affects TSS

Plan builder has created my training plan based on future A, B and C races. Three workouts during the week and two at the weekend.

Now I am adding in my other activities.

Weights: 3 times per week.

Running: twice per week.

Badminton: twice per week.

My weight training is a just general conditioning plan, nothing heavy. Running is cyclocross and XC specific so short sharp bursts up steps or muddy banks. Badminton is great for stretching, speed of reaction and hitting muscles at odd angles. Again, great for CX and XC

These other activities increase the weekly TSS score, but should I concern myself with that? Or should I adjust the cycling workouts to allow for the extra TSS?

I have similar activities outside of cycling (hiking, 40min brisk walk each day, weights) and have always struggled with how to account for them.

I think first and foremost is consistency. Either track the activity and add TSS or dont. I have chosen not to track weights and my daily walks, but do track my hiking. I have found that the walking and weights have very limited impact on my ability to stick to my workouts, thus I dont track it. Hiking although, does - so I always make sure I account for TSS on hikes. Many of my hikes are 3-6hrs and they do have an affect on my ability to train.

Whatever you do, being consistent is the key.

my $.02