Plan Adaptation Bug?

Starting today, I noticed that TR is applying adaptations to custom workouts, which I’ve never seen before today. (I’m a TR Subscriber, but am currently working with a coach importing workouts from TrainingPeaks, and using TR for trainer control)

And, I’m also seeing it try to apply the adaptation to a completed workout.

Both of these may be bugs, the second one certainly appears to be. @ZackeryWeimer - FYI.

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Thanks for the heads up on this! We’ll get our bug hunters on it pronto. :no_entry_sign: :bug: :no_entry_sign:

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Update on this one:

Adaptations proposed to your custom workouts is now expected behavior with Red Light Green Light – you should always receive the option to accept or decline those adaptations, though.

The second issue where adaptations are proposed for completed workouts is a bug – there’s currently a fix being implemented for it and it should be released in the next app update!


Not sure if this is possible, but can you also remove the “bundling” of proposed adaptations to future workouts, to allow us to custom accept some and not others? So if I get three suggestions from TR, I’d like to ignore the suggestion for tomorrow, but accept the following 2 suggestions. This would be amazing and make it much more flexible for specific training outcomes.