Plain white socks

I’m looking for some plain white, THIN, tall white socks that don’t cost $15 a pair. I don’t want to wear cotton crew socks and it’s hard to find any sport type socks for cheap.

Man, good luck…the “thin” part is what makes it challenging. Well, that and less than $15. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you need Small, then Pearl Izumi is blowing out their white Elite Tall socks for $5 / pair…they have other colors in other sizes, though.

I have been able to find thin, crew length single color socks occasionally at places like DSW, but never looked for white, so don’t know if that is a possibility.

Good deal if you are a size Small:

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clears throat and looks at the post above

(although I admittedly named the wrong sock…though it was the Elite tall sock).



I searched Amazon using “70s tube socks” and got a hit on page two. Try searching “over the calf socks for men” and one of the first hits is Gold Toe athletic socks in white.

Is Decathlon (Van Rysel) cheap or high enough? The also do a red toed/heeled white cycling sock which is nearly half the price.

Plain White
Summer Road Cycling Socks 900 VAN RYSEL - Decathlon

Red Toe/Heeled

Summer Road Cycling Socks 500, Ltd Edition - Le Nord VAN RYSEL - Decathlon

I don’t know if they ship to the states though :neutral_face:

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aliexpress will be your friend.

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