Black Shoes/White Socks

Just now getting to the podcast :grin: Fashions change, you do you, etc, but came here to post a pic of Eddy Merckx. Also, do the current blue S-Works shoes with white socks fall under the same rules? Inquiring minds want to know.



I’m a fan a the black shoes white socks combo.
Here’s me racing the Sea Otter Crit (not this year…obviously :sob:) in my black shoes white socks combo.


Let’s not forget this guy…he OWNED the black shoes white socks combo.


While I find the whole sock fashion thing incredibly stupid, I just wanted to point out that it obviously has to match the kit.

Rainbow jersey - anything will match.


Van Der Poel almost always wears long white socks (on top of leg warmers !?) but I guess he spends enough time in rainbow stripes and euro champs jerseys that it works out :grin:

Living up in the PNW, white socks are too close to the color of white legs. Would worry about being mistaken for a triathlete wearing them out of the house.

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I totally agree with @chad statement in the podcast. Unacceptable even for a world champion. :rofl: :rofl:

The Mercks / retro look is fine for the 70s but this is 2020. :rofl:


He may even have his cycling cap on sideways in that pic. Honey Merckx don’t give a shoot about aero!

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Imagine what he could have done with some deep dish wheels and a kit that fit him

Personally I think black shoes and white socks is a classic look.

Goes pretty well with black bibs and a block coloured jersey.


what if I wear thick white cotton gym socks that pull up to the calf, marked Nike, Adidas, New Balance, or something like that?

What if I wear baggie gym shorts over the bibs and a tank top basketball jersey?

Will people continue to call me a Fred?

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If you keep the yellow windbreaker, clip on TT bars, and single panier - yes, yes they will

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If it follows the theme of your kit and equipment…

S-Works 6 shoes and Shimano Sphyre socks


dude seems legit

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I’ve always followed the rule that socks should pull from a color on the jersey and be different color than shoes.


Hmm…I have black shoes but just bought new white shoes. Definitely like white better.

Socks…colour for me doesnt matter…they need to be super thin and sit below my ankle. Good luck on trying to see the colour.

Yes likely not a good look…but who cares.,…definitely not me.

I always think of these icons when I see black shoes and white socks


I prefer socks that make my feet sweat the least - that’s white cotton. Sadly, chains sometimes express their dislike for white. In public I’ll wear black or colored wool. Haven’t worried much about this lately. Plastic (synthetic) socks are out.

As a colour blind male it seems to most i get dressed in the dark. Apparantly this causes much hilarity in my family.

A large church service at my daughters school,
Friend of my daughter ’ Who is the bloke in the green suit"
My daughter " my dad’

So i dress for myself, i never subscribed to what other people think and when I first met my wife she thought i was dressed like a rainbow, a moniker which has stuck.

But to paraphrase Steven Tyler, “nothing looks as good as fast”


You made me think of how I dressed when I met my wife. I had neon blue running shoes and a bright orange jacket. We went Christmas shopping and tried to go our separate ways to shop for each other but she kept being able to pick me out of the crowd no matter how far I was from her.

Sadly she now approves my colour choice.

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Not bike kit as that’s mostly black with some fluro but when I first started seeing my GF I was going out for a pint with friends and she “affectionately” (I think) said it looked like a rainbow had vomited on me. I had one of every colour on.

I’d like to think my dress sense was what she noticed in the first place!