Let's Talk Socks

Who produces your favorite, tasteful cycling socks? For me it’s either Team Dream Team or Tenspeed Hero. I find that their sizing, height (nothing shorter than 6") and tasteful design makes them the best around.

Any other brands you like? Curious if there are non-cycling brands that have good socks as well.



defeet is a good brand. mad alchemy has some sharp looking socks too

+1 for Defeet. I also like Ryzon, theirs are comfortably thin for hot days.

I get more compliments on my rainbow skyline colorways than any other piece of expensive kit I own or my bike. Best $15 invested ever

I really like Swiftwick


Defeet makes a great sock, and there are a number of designers that they make for…the aforementioned Ridge Supply and Mad Alchemy, and also Handlebar Mustache are among my favorites.

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For cool to cold temps, I have just discovered merino wool socks. Late to the game I know since this stuff has literally been around for millennia but its a game changer!

(Mine are Pearl Izumi but I doubt the brand matters much).


+1 Swiftwick


I just found out that DeFeet makes aero socks now and I have just ordered a pair! https://bikerumor.com/2019/07/09/defeet-evo-disruptor-wind-tunnel-tested-most-aero-cycling-sock-ever/

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My go to plain black socks now are from Atout, based in Poland. Just right for me in terms of fit, stretch, height and longevity. They do some cool patterns as well. Also like DeFeet, but find them very slightly thicker maybe.

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I own and use Prosok which are somewhat unique in that they include bamboo in the blend. Love them. Here’s a website to check them out…http://www.prosok.com/

I also really enjoy the Giro Hrc Team sock and various Ale summer socks.

I’m definitely the outlier in this thread, but I’ve never a fan of calf-length cycling socks. I don’t like the odd, mid-leg tan line and the feeling against my calves on hot days. My choice? I go with ankle-high socks, typically the Adidas 6-pack that I get for cheap from Costco.



Do you wear sleeveless jerseys too :expressionless:


Swiftwick all the way!


I’ve used Pongolondon.cc to replace some of my socks. A good colour range so was able to match most of my kits.

Swiftwick, buy once cry once!


+1 DeFeet.

. . . but crazy that cycling socks are heading into the ~$20 price range. I/friends/teammates like DeFeet’s annual 40% off (and even their 25% off) sales.