Places to get a Sweat Test

Hi all,

I have looked into it and the University’s around me do not offer any sort of sweat testing. Are there any on-line tests that other people trust? Precision hydration seems to be pretty good?


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I found a place where you send in your self-administered sweat test:

Anybody try it?

I would love to check out PH’s Advanced Sweat Test, but there’s no testing center near where I live.

Hi All, just bringing this thread back to life. Anyone that tried the Levelen test with feedback to share?

I used the Levelen test- simple to do, got a very nice report. Pretty much confirmed what I already thought- that I sweat a lot and lose way more than average amount of salt. The good news is that when I changed my hydration I stopped getting cramps.

What did you change hydration wise?

I learned that my sweat rate was almost 2 liters/hour and that the salt concentration was 2900 mg/liter. My main change was increasing the salt concentration in my drinks to over 2000mg/l as opposed to a typical sports drink of about 500mg/l. I have been using Precision Hydration mixes. I like the subtle taste and lack of too much sweetness. It doesn’t even taste salty to me.