Picking an endurance ride?

With respect to adding in additional rides to a plan, are there specific rides that are more beneficial than others or does it really not matter? Currently doing SSB MV 1 with addition of some of the workouts from SSB HV and I typically add a second ride a day to my plan, this being a general endurance ride.

Does it matter which endurance ride I’m adding, so much as it’s endurance, or are there specific ones that will get more benefit? Andrews and Baxter are both 90 minute rides but vary greatly in how they are structured. Is something more steady better than a varied effort or since it’s all in the same zone(s) does it really make a difference besides being more engaging?

To add on, is there any benefit in doing a second slightly more intense session if I did a SS workout earlier in the day or is this only negating the point of the plan?

My selection is based on staying in the MAF zone (see these discussions)
So these will be on the lower intensity side. I do both steady and stepped workouts like Colosseum -3 or Perkins -1.

In for the replies. I have basically the same question about which endurance rides to supplement with.

I’m going to guess it doesn’t matter too much which is added as long as it doesn’t add too much TSS…

Many of them have different drills, as well; pedaling drills, leg speed, aero positioning, etc etc. Just pick one that looks fun and try it out!

As for doing two workouts in a day, I wouldn’t try to stack two intense sessions in a single day, way too easy to dig yourself in to a hole. Get your one tough workout in the morning and just enjoy the easy one in the evening.

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Kind of what I figured with respect to workouts. Often I’ll try and pick a second endurance ride that features 2-4 short sprints just to mix it up and get a little bit of that high power work in since SSB doesn’t touch that.

If we’re talking about one workout being “better” than another, then we need to talk about why that is the case, and that means more context.

What are your goals?