Combining tue/ wed rides - missing adaptations?

Im sure this has been covered, so feel free to link me to the proper forumn if necassary

I am considering combining the Tuesday interval with Wednesday endurance workouts on medium volume plans. My reasoning:

-Tuesday’s are my days off, therefor more time for a longer Ride
-leaving Wednesday mornings free for a yoga/ foam roll session mid week.

My question: Am I missing out on any particular adaptations by stacking these workouts? Or is there any other information i should give/ have to make a better assessment?

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It has been mentioned you can add endurance ride following any higher zone workouts or as a second workout in later in the day.


Some topics to check out:

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I think you have more to gain than to lose.


  1. Improved endurance due to longer ride
  2. Increasing ability to continue turning the pedals even after a hard interval session
  3. Gaining a full day of recovery


  1. Possibility of being so tired that the 2nd workout isn’t the high quality that it should be

I combine the endurance ride and the shortest threshold or SS rides. I like at least one long ride day and I think the endurance ride always feels so easy after a threshold or SS ride. I have started eating on the bike so it’s a great time to practice stuffing chews in my mouth and sneaking sips from my bottle without falling over on the rollers. I am too spent after VO2 max to add it to those rides. I’ve always done it, so I don’t really know if I am missing further adaptation, but I have been super happy with my gains. :blush:

Thank you guys for your responses. Right now I’m in general build MV, so these will be vo2 type work followed by endurance + sprints ( Pettit + 1, etc ). These are done early A.M., with weights done in the evening. I think I’ll go ahead and try stacking them and see how it goes!

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