Pete's last episode 😢 – Does Anaerobic Training Hurt FTP, Glycolysis, Meal Timing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 326

RIP to Jonathan’s mentions. :rofl:

As noted, a lot depends on where you live and where you ride. Some areas in the country that is accurate. Others, it couldn’t be farther from reality.

Which is part of the appeal of gravel, IMO…there is always a new adventure to try.


At about 24 min in, Chad talks about a video of a track sprinter getting to 235 rpm on rollers, says he links to video. Where is the link to this?

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Do not know if this the link but:

  • Track cyclist :heavy_check_mark:
  • Rollers :heavy_check_mark:
  • Very high rpm :heavy_check_mark:

I can’t even stay upright for 15 seconds on rollers! I guess I’ll never be a “Proper cyclist”. I am always in awe, watching youngsters at GB level warm up for the track on rollers. So chilled and making it look so easy.

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lol. no chance I’d every try that. He could have launched himself into space with that.

I really thought this was going to be a more interesting question and a deep dive on VLAmax and the work of Mader, Inscyd, and others. The word VLAmax was only once that I counted. It actually seemed like they were intentionally trying not to mention it. Weird.

Thanks, @ajs914. It does seem the perception of gravel is – understandably – based on your local experience. The gravel races talked about on the podcast seem to lend themselves to @Jonathan’s comment. The vast majority of my 3077mi and 262,441’ for this year so far was on my gravel bike in Switzerland, and a bit in Italy. Never was I thinking, “Gee, my road bike would do fine here.” While I’ve seen more gravel bikes on my local and regional trails, MTBs remain predominate. Again, maybe my view of “normal” aligns with his “Grinduro” reference, which seemed to be the outlier.

Hey, @Jonathan, you’ve got a place to stay in Switzerland to come check out some good gravel, the kind that makes my LBS say I’m hard on my gravel bike. I think you’d like it more than Austria. :slight_smile:


Thank you Thor for the great podcasts and your input to the product!! Good luck with everything you do in the future!


I was really looking forward to this episode for these reasons also. Is it worth a listen?

Hey @chad - thanks for your research in this episode (and for kicking my arse regularly on the trainer)! I came here searching for links you mentioned in the episode - can you help!

  1. the article about anaerobic exercise you mentioned that everyone should read and only takes 5mins

  2. a link to the swim training book you mentioned as being old but an absolute goldmine. Really keen for this as I use trainer road low volume but my main focus is swim training!

Cheers. And bring back Beers w Chad (with plenty of Muppets)

I agree. I think Chad did a good job of explaining things, especially the implications of doing too much anaerobic work and how taxing it is, but in the end Jonathan basically said if you follow structured training everything will work out.

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My club put on Charm…see ya there !

Hey @PeterYock, very welcome! Links below:



@chad and @IvyAudrain ,

Suggestion driven off of Chad’s post above: a blog post that is a compendium of the studies that have been mentioned in the podcasts grouped by topic. That would be a pretty awesome resource, especially if studies were tagged with the podcast they were referenced in

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Thanks for the sound advice on the podcast Pete. I hope that the challenges you are facing come out for the best

On another note! Johnathon is like the glue holding it all together. He has not moved on, moved literally with time off or taken time away. He is really anchoring the public face of TR


I don’t have time to listen to the podcast but really would like tk know.

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His father is ill and he’s stepping back for some well deserved family time.


Just listen to the first few minutes of the podcast. It isn‘t that long. But @liam_mail got the gist.


This is a tough lot, but I can imagine how proud your father is that you do this. You‘re not alone in this, other people have to take care of their parents and loved ones. We will miss you.

And regarding your signature workout, I really don‘t get why this even merits a discussion: Spanish Needle on EPO. I remember you telling us listeners so often that you enjoy Spanish Needle and that you have a harder version that you like to torture yourself with in the Specialty phase. I even have a name for it: Thor‘s Hammer

@Jonathan Can you compute the Workout Level and add it to the library? :slight_smile:

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Best wishes to the God of Thunder! You will be missed.

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