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I decided this weekend to set myself a new long-term motivator to keep me consistent with my training in 2021 (into 2022). This isn’t the case for everyone, but in Ireland I’m looking ahead to another year with no racing, which makes it really challenging to train with purpose and diligence.

I’ve been thinking for a while about building up a new bike. It’s completely unnecessary, but I don’t have to justify such a desire to this audience :grin:

It’s been hard to justify given the situation we’re in. Why spend money on a race bike, that you can’t race…? But to keep myself motivated and in lieu of having any races to train for, I’ve decided I’m going to train for that new bike.

I’ve set myself an ambitious FTP target of 350W, which is 100W above my current 250W after 6 months on the couch. I think setting this goal and having the carrot of a new bike at the end will get and keep me motivated in a way I haven’t been for a while now.

Anyone ever try anything like this before? Did you manage to hit your target?


You are unlikely to hit your goal unless you’ve been at 350 before. Having a ‘dream’ of 350 is fine… but you have to turn that into process goals that are under your control.


Why not do a self-build, that way you can buy a part every time you go up 10W. In all seriousness 250 to 350 is a big jump.


All my training does evolve around that one big target which is still years out. Though while it helps to have something to work to its even more important to nail the little steps towards that goal. As @ErickVH has said - process goals!

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The plan is to do a self-build, but the idea of buying things piece-by-piece is an interesting one. Would certainly help to have those intermediate steps along the way. I agree 350 might be a bit over my head, but I want to aim high and see where I manage to get. I’ve been at 320W in the past 2 years as a triathlete, so I’m hoping concentrating on the bike only will allow that last 30W gain.


I would build goals with out numbers

Like being consistent in training
Eating healthy
Sleeping enough

The number will be what it is


Don’t listen to the naysayers … aim high!! Die on a hill and come home on your shield … hit that target or fail spectacularly :metal:

Buy that new rig and ride the chain off it … riding bikes is awesome — good luck!

Keep us updated on FTP progress and, more importantly, that new bike :bike:


Cheers bro! I’ll post my FTP increases as they come in! Looking forward to the process.

Word to the wise… I race time trials where speed is king (obviously). Focused on an outcome, e.g. 19 minute 10m TT for me, can be a rabbit hole. When you’re so fixated on that outcome you kinda forget to enjoy the process because all your focus is on the result. That was what I did last season. I actually stopped enjoying riding and it became a chore.

My advice: set process-related goals that will help you get stronger and enjoy the journey. Chances are 350w ftp won’t feel any different than 320/330/340. Sure you’ll be faster but it’s just a number.

Good luck and keep us updated — the accountability might help keep you motivated :wink:

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Thats really great advice, thanks so much! I’ll keep you posted. I hope you reach your goals!

250 to 350 is a big jump, but with the availability of posh bikes these days what it is, he certainly has time.

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I also told myself I’ll look at a new bike when I hit 350w. That should hold off the spending for a while :rofl:


Much easier to link new bike purchases to age goals, generally a safe bet that you will get there, and if you don’t there will be more important things to worry about!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Currently 32 and 322w. Maybe 350 by 35, and by that point my rim brake non aero bike will be the laughingstock of the local group ride

You leave my bike alone.

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The point is that a wheel set is too expensive than a pair of tires.

How you distribute the reward? How you set the checkpoint?

I wasn’t suggesting any relationship to FTP. Maybe a bit like wedding anniversaries, aluminium for 20, carbon for 40, steel for 50 and titanium for 60?

Clearly, it depends on the test you complete to determine your FTP. 8 min test - brake blocks, ramp test - chain, 20 min test - crankset, hour of power -wheels, and anything that draws blood or requires wearing breathing apparatus - frameset.

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