Personal motivation

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This makes the cyclist more all around.

I thought using TR ramp test only. And reward based on the FTP number.

It’s interesting to see this ideas. I will definitely try to apply my training as well.

It’s true what they say that everything goes downhill after 40 :wink::rofl:

Life is too short to wait that long for titanium … it’s the most sublime ride on planet earth🤘


Serious question, everyone talks about how Ti rides so good but they all seem to use CF forks for what I assume is compliance? What gives?

That is a thing of beauty

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I don’t know for sure, but I do know it would be really hard (impossible?) to give a Ti fork any sort of aero shape.

I’d say it depends whether you have reason to believe that it’s a realistic and achievable goal. I.e. If you’ve been at 350w before then getting back there is realistic and you know what it takes. Or if you’ve been pretty close I.e. Got above 330w before, and have reason to think there are areas that you can substantially improve like consistency, nutrition, recovery, volume.

If on the other hand you’ve never had an FTP above 300w before despite some reasonably decent training then I’d say it’s too much of a stretch. You wouldn’t really know how achievable the goal is or what it would really take for you to get there, and might find that 350w for you is either impossible or would take a level of dedication that you’re not prepared to put in. In which case the risk is that your make great improvements (e.g. Get to 320w) but still end up feeling that you’ve “failed” and losing motivation.

Also kind of depends how you’re wired of course. I know personally I need goals that I can tick off regularly, as ticking them off gives me enormous satisfaction and motivation towards the next goal. Whereas setting goals that are out of my reach gets me down and becomes counterproductive. Other riders I know seem to be ok with the “reach for the stars” approach of setting incredibly high goals but then being fine when most of the time they don’t achieve them. Horses for courses I guess!

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Really? I assume if they can form it into a round tube or a twisted downtube like the Lynsey Helix, they could form it into an oval or other shape too. I’ll have to ask around now I’m really curious