My highest FTP - encourage me

So, this year after a heart to heart together, my coach changed my training plan with some phenomenal results. I’ve lost 8kg, and power is up 9% to 3.7wkg last measured in March.

Like most there’s no racing to be had (although here in the UK I’ve managed to secure an entry to an 8hr limited to 50 Vet riders MTB event).

We set a non race target, get to 4wkg on 13th August 2020. I have the plan to get there, however I’m my U shaped power curve means my z5 power is my weakest point and his this where I will test over 20mins. So, beyond all the endurance and z5 interval training I’m doing, any encouragement and left field tips (I’m used to testing) would be hugely appreciated!


Keep listening to your coach and reject any tips posted on this thread!



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And paradoxically, that is a tip on this thread. :innocent:

To the OP. Brilliant job.


Honestly, I don’t think that is a great goal. What happens if you don’t reach 4 w/kg? Does reaching 4 w/kg guarantee anything? To reach this goal are you sacrificing other aspects because you believe this goal is the key to success?

Why not have process goals that if successful you will be at optimal weight for your body while emphasizing training needed for your race? You can improve in so many areas of fitness and bike handling that may not move the FTP number up much.

I wouldn’t recommend someone focus too much in the weight side of things that they’re under fueling workouts or recovery.

Well done!

That’s really good progress kryters.
How about running a challenge alongside your ftp goal target? Something that’ll suit your long distance abilities but also will really benefit from a high w/kg, thus giving more purpose to your training?
How about doing a fast and light South Downs Way attempt? (For everyone not living in the UK this is a 100 mile, completely off road route, that follows a ridge of chalk. It’s either grass or chalk under wheel which is slippery as hell in the wet but really hard and fast in the dry. The main feature is the 3000m of climbing over 100 miles and 200 gates! Fortunately the gates are designed for horse riders so are easy to open and self closing. Logistics are quite easy with water taps around every 10-15 miles, meaning it can easily be done with 1-2 water bottles).
High watts/kilo is going to make a real difference on those long climbs and at the end you get a real sense of satisfaction plus the scenery is stunning.
I reckon 12hrs would be a satisfactory goal but 10hrs would be a great stretch goal. Maintaining 10mph on that terrain is going to be a proper challenge.

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All good points. I guess I should start by saying that although 4w/kg is a goal, if I fail to meet it its not a failure - I’ve already exceeded this years training targets. The ultimate aim is getting specific to the 8 hour event which is 2 weeks after the 20 minutes test, so currently my plan has mid week Z4/5 intervals but 2 x weekend long-endurance runs, at least one of which is on the MTB for specificity

The ultimate aim here is to maintain/add to my base Z2 to support the majority of the race - a level which has improved a lot - but boost my Z5 for the short climbs, chase/close and overtake efforts yet mainly “pull up” my power a little. So its a non race goal within a larger scheme of things.

Mentally I’ve had a really positive turnaround this year. I’m time-trialling on Zwift currently and those (non rested) efforts are showing a 3.8kwg FTP. I’m under no illusions that its going to be very hard to achieve because as I mentioned this is the weakest area of my power curve, but it’ll be fun trying and gives me some mental incentive for the weekly Z5 intervals.

BlockquoteI wouldn’t recommend someone focus too much in the weight side of things that they’re under fueling workouts or recovery.

For me we’ve been very careful to find what works for me. Nov '19 to March 20 I switched to a high protein and did a lot of base miles which helped the weight loss. As soon as anything above Z2 was need I have a guided plan introducing carbs through the preceding day, and am using carbs on the bike. My general diet now contains a balance 120g each of protein/carbs, with a heaver pre-race load of course. I’ll be loading at about 450g a day before that 8hr. This very much works for me, tested through various race and ride scenarios.

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Wow, 4wkg is very good. We`ll need that z5 power on this course Hopefully your coach will incorporate more high end stuff to bring your top end up to speed.
I ve decided to swap to the MTB marathon speciality now, adapting my plan a bit to get more power in.O/50 is a very competitive category. CX as ell as in MTB!

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