Peaked too Early

It feels like I peaked about 3 weeks too early for my A race this year. I have been following the plans and got to a point where everything was clicking, linking workouts and generally feeling at the top of my game. now 2.5 weeks out workout are feeling hard, my motivation is wavering and im struggling to get in work outs. (FTP settings haven’t changed, life stress is normal, sleep/recovery is good, diet is good),… So my question is what the best approach from here for coming into this event in 2.5 weeks? . My thought is to reduce the volume and maintain intensity with a larger focus on recovery before the race, essentially being a longer taper. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Yeah, maybe move up to the final 2 weeks of specialty phase so you get into your taper early. You can extend by repeating one or more of those weeks if needed to hit the A-event timing.

if you’re smoked, take 3 easy days, then hit the intensity with reduced volume. If you are tired, and continue to flog yourself, you will end up in a worse state. Good luck and let us know how you crush the event! It will all work out.

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