Last three weeks before racing

June 2nd I will participate in a 80 km mountain bike race, with around 1000 meters of climbing (approx 3300 ft). Most climbs are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes flat out to get uphill.

Since we are about three weeks before the event, I could use some guidance on how my final weeks of preparation should look like.

As per the book,2 weeks should be peak and you should then take the last week off. while your fitness and fatigue will go up and form will go down, you will recover during last week and form will start going up. Your form should be up and you should be rested on the rest day.

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  • That is not correct, and I don’t know which book you got it from, but it wasn’t TrainerRoad based. You do NOT take a week off (implies full rest off the bike) before your event.

Per TrainerRoad (and most other recommendations): The typical prep for an A-event culminates with 2 weeks of a Taper (After a full Base, Build, and as part of the Specialty phase).

Look at the relevant Specialty phase(s) in the TR plans section for full details. But in short, a taper includes a similar schedule of workouts as all the preceding work weeks.
The two taper weeks end with an opener on the Saturday workout, and Sunday is empty for the placement of your A-event.

Those workouts are shorter in duration but keep most of the intensity that was part of the prior Specialty workouts. That reduction in time allows for recovery, but the high intensity prevents the body and mind from getting too soft in the final lead up to your event.

See the Taper section here for full details.

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No. You are right that it is not TR based.

But if you look at the Joe Friel’s book you will see the advice that for an A type race, recommendation is to go for full gas for 2weeks of last 3 weeks.

First 2 weeks, You will have higher Fatigue and fitness. But gradually lowering intensity of workouts and recover properly on 3rd week, you will reduce fatigue while you increase your form even there can be small reduce on fitness too.

If you look at TR plans you can also see this approach where we have lower intensity workouts every 4 weeks period.

I guess I used wrong word. Instead of rest, I should have used lower intensity workout around Z1 -Z2 area.