What do when passing peak form

Hi Guys,

Quick question, I feel my training peaked probably 2-3 weeks ago, I can feel the workout outs getting harder during my speciality phase and I know deep down my FTP has probably dropped off 5-10 watts. On the road I feel sluggish even after a couple of days off.

I have a “A” goal being a week long riding tour, not racing more of a gand fondo between friends but its a lot of riding, what I have geared my year towards on 8th Aug so 3 weeks away. So my question is to I stick to my plan but back off my FTP, even be on the conservative side? Or try and gut it out and start my taper about 10 days out? I’m a week into my speciality phase.

I’m worried I’m going to go into it too cooked rather than coming into some sort form. Could be a touch of building fatigue but had a rest week a couple of weeks ago.

Any tips would be great

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It sounds like a bit of Tapering is needed. You May have peaked … not a bad thing. I did something recently had a bit of taper ( endurance rides)… then a hard VO2 workout… taper(2 days of tempo) and rest 2 days. I was feeling like i could ride anything… Did 5 days 120 miles a day, at 20mph average per day. The resting was what i needed. Low intensity. I might not have been where you were… Feeling over the peak so maybe , extra low intensity for a few more days. Keep one or two days for still keeping threshold or and odd VO2 workout thrown in there to keep you up there.

Sounds sensible, longer taper with more endurance will help I reckon to at least feel fresher even if its psychologically.